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So I saw Death Cab For Cutie the other night at the Palace Theatre. They were OK, but more on that in a sec. Let me tell you a story.

So it was sold out and packed. It was one of those crowds that makes you feel pretty old… it seems the Death Cab crowds are getting younger and younger (certainly a lot different to the first time I saw them in a half-filled Corner Hotel around Photo Album era). I had a pretty good spot on some steps overlooking the main crowd and a nice view to the band. Then they turn up.

This makes it sound quite dramatic, but it was just a slight inebriated, over-excited young lass, and her boyfriend (I am guessing). After upsetting a few people in front of me in trying to secure a good spot she conveniently ends up one step down, just next to me. I wasn’t fussed… she looked like she was here for a good time with a nice combo of drinks and Death Cab.

So the band starts and she is singing every word. Yep, EVERY word. Normally I would get a little agitated, but it honestly didn’t worry me. In fact I quite liked it as for the most part the crowd was pretty sterile (more on that later). She certainly was enthusiastic. Anyway, we are about 3/4 of the way through the set and she keeps falling back on me. Not in a dancing way, but in what seemed like a passing out way. So, doing what I though was the right thing, I get the attention of her man and do a bit of silent hand gesture to let him know she is falling back into me and I am keeping propping her up. What do you think I get?

I get the what’s your problem look. Assuming he doesn’t understand what I mean, I try to explain over the band that she is constantly falling back on me. I get told to find somewhere else to watch the band. Still being polite I say, no guy, you misunderstand me, is she OK? I get told, she’s fine, don’t stand so close to her or move somewhere else, although not quite that politely. He says a few more things about it being my problem and goes back to the band.

So what is the point of this story? Well, not sure. But it did get me agitated and saddened all at once. In trying to say hey, is she OK, I copped a mouthful. I will come back to this in a bit.

I can hear you all… I don’t care, how were Death Cab?! Well, they were OK. And I mean OK in the most just OK sense of the expression. Nothing they did was terrible. We got some polite “Hello Springfield!!” banter, but it was pretty workmanlike from the band. I am thinking back now and I can’t really recall much that inspired more than a meh. Again, not to say they sounded bad, but some spirit seemed a bit lacking. Maybe it was the crowd… for a young bunch they were pretty uninspired. I Will Possess Your Heart got a nice welcome, but there was a really conspicuous absence of the new album for mine. I certainly know my favourites weren’t played. Maybe the new tracks could have injected some energy.

So this all sounds quite negative, but it should be far from it. It wasn’t bad. This just brings me back to part of my story. I can’t say I have left many gigs this year all woo hoo! like. I did really dig the Breeders the other week. But the last few I have kinda dug but been a little underwhelmed. I am starting to think it may be me. In fact I am sure it probably is. Am I getting over gigs? Maybe… I certainly am passing on bands at the moment that I would have 100% seen in the past. And people are frustrating me more than ever, part of the reason for my main story. But there is always going to be bands I drop everything to see… so maybe I just need to go to the odd gig and leave it at that.

Wow… what a soul searching post. Maybe I’m tired. But don’t worry… I am sure I will see the New Pornographers in October and my sunny outlook will come back. AC and Neko will cure all.

… muttler

P.S In thinking, maybe the Pixies come down has finally happened. At the time, I proclaimed their Palace gig as the greatest gig ever. I still do. And I also said it was no point going to any other shows as it can never be as good. I am certainly still getting the buzz every now and then. Sufjan Stevens and LCD Soundsystem both certainly did it for me at the start of the year. But maybe the golden days are done? Maybe I just need to either lighten the hell up or toughen the hell up?! Probably.

P.P.S If you were that jerk guy at the gig, I hope your gal was OK, but boy are you a jerk.

Note: Ben’s mutton-chops not to proper scale here


So the last one was this…

Any one who reads this might be surprised by that one, but I really dug that movie.

I will keep trucking with this until someone actually guesses one. Here is the next. A hint… a pretty iconic 80’s movie.

That’s a big twinkie!

Do you know?

… muttler

I thought as much. No one reads this blog! The last guess the movie quote was so easy. For those of you who didn’t know it, it was

This one is from a recent movie to see if anyone can guess. Now I didn’t expect to like this movie at all, but I laughed, and laughed hard. I dug it way more than any movie like this really has a right to be. It just goes to show that even a suss genre can be done really well. One of the best debut performances ever too. So here goes (apologies for the crude nature, but it really is funny)

Nobody has gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since ‘nam!

.. muttler

A new Tara McPherson gig poster is reason to celebrate as she doesn’t do too many these days. And this one for the Melvins is super sweet. I thought her last was pretty cool, but this one makes me laugh each time I see it. It drops midday on the 14th (US time). There is a super limited run on wood, and although I really really want it, I don’t think I’ll part with the 300 bucks for it. But who knows what I’ll decide? Visit to check them out.

… muttler

What a steamer Wanted is. I knew it would be over the top, but I wasn’t really prepared for how lame this movie actually was. While I don’t mind Angelina Jolie, I’m not obsessed by her, so this movie experience really had nothing going for it. It wanted to be all hip and cool and Fight Club, but it was just embarrassing. Avoid it.

… muttler

Every time the Olympics come around I think “I don’t care”. But when they start, I can’t help but watch. And love it. And I get that extra bit patriotic. Go Oz.

Below is yet another obligatory photo of <insert cute nickname here> Stephanie Rice. The media is loving this… young, good looking, gold medal winner. But I have to say, today’s race, the 200m IM, was awesome. Now if the footballers can win tonight I will be a very happy camper.

… muttler

(photo from

Wolfmother are an easy band to rag on. Sure they sound a bit derivative, and a bit too much like Black Zeppelin. It doesn’t help that here in Oz anyway they have been played to death. But I gotta say when I first got their debut ep it was pretty sweet. The 1-2-3-4 hit of Dimension, Woman, Apple Tree, and White Unicorn is not a bad way to say hello to the world. Plus I got to see them live when they were but cubs, at the tiny Ding Dong Lounge, and slightly bigger Corner Hotel.

Anyway, the current incarnation has called it a day. And in a pretty refreshing announcement have pretty much said (paraphrasing here) that they really don’t like each other too much and can’t get along. Part of the statement says that “they just could not find a harmonious way to work together”.Can’t really get more honest than that. It seems that frontman Andrew Stockdale gets to keep the name, while Myles and Chris are working on some stuff together.

So there you go. Sure, lots of people will laugh, and to be honest this doesn’t phase me too much one way or the other, but it is a shame when an Oz band that does well internationally disappears. To be honest we don’t have that many (not that we shouldn’t… c’mon Drones… take over the world!)

… muttler

So no one wanted to play my game? Or was the quote too obscure? Maybe. For those that want to know, it was from this movie… If you haven’t seen this movie, then go watch it NOW and have a new favourite movie. Bet you can’t pick the ending.

So let’s try a much easier one to get you all in the mood. This should take all of 5 seconds to guess.

Nobody f***s with the Jesus!

Post a comment if you know. C’mon… it’s an easy one.

… muttler

This is one of my favourite lyrics ever, from one of my most beloved albums. It’s from I Just Wanna Get Along from the album Last Splash by The Breeders. I must have listened to this album 500 times. Seriously… I don’t think I am exaggerating.

Anyway, the Breeders were in town on Tuesday night for a show at Billboard. Regular readers will know I was a little 50/50 with their latest album Mountain Battles when it came out. But I have to say, over time I have really grown to dig it a lot. Sure it lacks the catchy nature of Last Splash, but as a whole album it hangs together really really well. I actually find I listen to it heaps. So I was a bit excited about the gig, but a little cautious since I was a bit so-so about Sigur Ros the other night.

Well, no need to worry. This was a great gig. Now look, first up yes I am a Pixies nut, so Kim Deal is a bit of a holy icon for me. But so is Black Francis, yet I don’t particularly dig his solo stuff. But I tells ya, seeing Kim and Kelley wander on stage was awesome. And the fact they beamed smiles, made corny jokes, and riled each other up all gig made it a great atomsphere. Then you combine that with a perfect set and I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy.

The set was a great mix of everything… 2/3 of Mountain Battles, 1/2 of Last Splash, a dash of Title TK, a dollop of The Amps material, and a splash of Pod. Not bad huh? And the Mountain Battles songs translated really well. Yep, they were the more mellow entries in the set, but the interplay between the Deal sisters was best at those points. But without sounding all “I like your old stuff better than your new stuff”, Divine Hammer, Saints, Cannonball, IJWGA and New Year sent shivers down the spine. Best of all may have even been their cover of Happiness Is A Warm Gun. It just sounded amazing.

The whole band should get credit as they were the perfect blend of messy and tight, a well drilled garage band almost. So yeah, looking at my review I sure liked the gig huh? When I reviewed Mountain Battles someone posted a comment that they saw them live and they were great. I didn’t doubt them at all, but this was just a fun, awesome show. Bless ya cotton socks Kim Deal.

… muttler

Last night while watching a movie I thought “why don’t I post some movie quotes up and see if the 2 people who erratically read this can guess where they are from?”. It was a little inspired by remembering some choice quotes from In Bruges which I saw on the weekend (gold… more on that movie later).

So here it goes… the first entry in a guaranteed to be sporadic and probably short-lived movie quote thing. If you know, post it as a comment so others don’t autmoatically see it when they read the posting. And please don’t cheat by searching on Google or anything. I will post the answer as a comment when I post up the next installment (could be tomorrow, could be next week).

The only hint is that they will all be from movies I dig. The first ones will probably be from movies I really love. This inaugural entry defintely is in that category. So here it is:

This is my happening and it freaks me out!

Know what it is?

… muttler