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Category Archives: rant

Sorry… just a side note. As I type I am actually watching the Joe Strummer doco The Future Is Unwritten. It is OK I guess, probably not as good as I thought it might be (I am two for two… I watched the Kurt Cobain doco About A Son last night and I thought that was pretty terrible… so pretentious!).

Anyway, I felt compelled to type, because Bono just popped his stoopid head up in yet another music doco. Three questions:

  1. Why do directors feel that Bono adds any gravitas to their music doco.
  2. Who the hell is he to comment in half these things (him in the Fat Possum doco made me sooooo angry).
  3. I have heard all the reasons why he wears those stupid glasses, but in this Joe Strummer doc, it was night and he was wearing them.

Bono, you are a jerk. And anyone who likes U2 is a jerk too. I am sure he cares what I think though.

… muttler


I feel like I am in the diner in Pulp Fiction and have just got the 5 dollar shake.

I was in Sorrento on Saturday after having just swum the Portsea Classic (not so great) and was told about the amazing vanilla slice that one of the cafe’s has. The line snaking outside the shop led me to believe “man, this must be gold!”. It seemed that yes, this was indeed the best vanilla slice in the land.

So anyway, I waited in line, got to the front and innocently ordered my vanilla slice and bam! 6 dollars please. I didn’t really have an option, so 6 whole dollars got handed over.

The $64,000 question… was this vanilla slice worth 6 dollars?!

Nope. It was good, don’t get me wrong. Great even. But 6 dollars? Forget it. I will stick with my $2.50 version here thanks.

… muttler

Sorrento Vanilla Slice