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Wolfmother are an easy band to rag on. Sure they sound a bit derivative, and a bit too much like Black Zeppelin. It doesn’t help that here in Oz anyway they have been played to death. But I gotta say when I first got their debut ep it was pretty sweet. The 1-2-3-4 hit of Dimension, Woman, Apple Tree, and White Unicorn is not a bad way to say hello to the world. Plus I got to see them live when they were but cubs, at the tiny Ding Dong Lounge, and slightly bigger Corner Hotel.

Anyway, the current incarnation has called it a day. And in a pretty refreshing announcement have pretty much said (paraphrasing here) that they really don’t like each other too much and can’t get along. Part of the statement says that “they just could not find a harmonious way to work together”.Can’t really get more honest than that. It seems that frontman Andrew Stockdale gets to keep the name, while Myles and Chris are working on some stuff together.

So there you go. Sure, lots of people will laugh, and to be honest this doesn’t phase me too much one way or the other, but it is a shame when an Oz band that does well internationally disappears. To be honest we don’t have that many (not that we shouldn’t… c’mon Drones… take over the world!)

… muttler


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