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This is one of my favourite lyrics ever, from one of my most beloved albums. It’s from I Just Wanna Get Along from the album Last Splash by The Breeders. I must have listened to this album 500 times. Seriously… I don’t think I am exaggerating.

Anyway, the Breeders were in town on Tuesday night for a show at Billboard. Regular readers will know I was a little 50/50 with their latest album Mountain Battles when it came out. But I have to say, over time I have really grown to dig it a lot. Sure it lacks the catchy nature of Last Splash, but as a whole album it hangs together really really well. I actually find I listen to it heaps. So I was a bit excited about the gig, but a little cautious since I was a bit so-so about Sigur Ros the other night.

Well, no need to worry. This was a great gig. Now look, first up yes I am a Pixies nut, so Kim Deal is a bit of a holy icon for me. But so is Black Francis, yet I don’t particularly dig his solo stuff. But I tells ya, seeing Kim and Kelley wander on stage was awesome. And the fact they beamed smiles, made corny jokes, and riled each other up all gig made it a great atomsphere. Then you combine that with a perfect set and I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy.

The set was a great mix of everything… 2/3 of Mountain Battles, 1/2 of Last Splash, a dash of Title TK, a dollop of The Amps material, and a splash of Pod. Not bad huh? And the Mountain Battles songs translated really well. Yep, they were the more mellow entries in the set, but the interplay between the Deal sisters was best at those points. But without sounding all “I like your old stuff better than your new stuff”, Divine Hammer, Saints, Cannonball, IJWGA and New Year sent shivers down the spine. Best of all may have even been their cover of Happiness Is A Warm Gun. It just sounded amazing.

The whole band should get credit as they were the perfect blend of messy and tight, a well drilled garage band almost. So yeah, looking at my review I sure liked the gig huh? When I reviewed Mountain Battles someone posted a comment that they saw them live and they were great. I didn’t doubt them at all, but this was just a fun, awesome show. Bless ya cotton socks Kim Deal.

… muttler


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