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Last night while watching a movie I thought “why don’t I post some movie quotes up and see if the 2 people who erratically read this can guess where they are from?”. It was a little inspired by remembering some choice quotes from In Bruges which I saw on the weekend (gold… more on that movie later).

So here it goes… the first entry in a guaranteed to be sporadic and probably short-lived movie quote thing. If you know, post it as a comment so others don’t autmoatically see it when they read the posting. And please don’t cheat by searching on Google or anything. I will post the answer as a comment when I post up the next installment (could be tomorrow, could be next week).

The only hint is that they will all be from movies I dig. The first ones will probably be from movies I really love. This inaugural entry defintely is in that category. So here it is:

This is my happening and it freaks me out!

Know what it is?

… muttler


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  1. No one wants to play? It was this…

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