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If you are from Melbourne and you don’t love Eddy Current Suppression Ring, then go away. Hang on… that is a bit rough…but I mean it.

I am a recent late convert to the Eddy Current fold. I had seen them live a couple times and they intrigued me. But I had never grabbed their album. Then album #2 Primary Colours came out and Fee on RRR started playing it over and over and over. Next thing the songs were right under my skin. So I patiently waited to grab it on vinyl and got it a few weeks ago, so finally here is my 2 cents.

I love this album. It is just so joyous. Reading the back of the cover, it was recorded in 2 days, and it sounds like it. Not in a bad way, but in a way of it being 4 guys banging out great songs together. The whole album is just so infectious.

The first album is great too, if a slight touch patchy. But this is 10 tracks of gold. No filler here. I haven’t ripped the LP to mp3 yet, so the only place I listen to it is when I am in the kitchen making dinner, or reading the paper. And I tell you, it goes round and round and round (listen number 3 already on this Sunday morning). I will do it today only so I can have it going round and round and round in the car or at work.

What more can I say? If you don’t have it, go get it. Support an awesome local band. Or if you are from overseas, visit and get them to send you a copy. If you like garage rock/pop a little rough around the edges then this is your new best album of 2008. And please don’t get too big Eddy Current… I want the next album recorded in 2 days again too.

… muttler


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