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This has been out for a little but and I have been meaning to mention it.

Let me first say, I hate the expression “return to form”. Not sure exactly why. Usually I hear it and think “hang on… the stuff in between hasn’t been that bad?!”. It is just a more credible way of saying “I didn’t like the stuff where you tried to vary it up a bit… please sound more like you used to”. Why do I mention that? Well, the new Beck album Modern Guilt has in some circles been trumpted this “return to form”.

OK… so The Information was a bit patchy (but how sweet was Nausea and the opening few tracks), but Guero was great and I remember everyone gushing about Sea Change at the time. So why is Modern Guilt illicting this response? I am not sure. I guess because it is great, not because it sounds just like Odelay (which it doesn’t). Maybe because it is just a fun record where Beck sounded like it was cool to make.

Maybe it is because of the brevity too. If The Information was pared back to 12 tracks it would be pretty killer. This is 10 tracks at a bit over half an hour. And you know what? I don’t feel cheated at all. All it makes me want to do is listen to it again.

Sound wise you can hear Danger Mouse‘s fingers all over it. A couple tracks sound like they could have come straight from . But is a nice mix between him, Beck, and some songwriting that seems a touch more straight forward.

So anyway, this is just a brief note to say go grab it. I really dig it.

… muttler


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  1. Yeah, this is a great album, it did make me want to listen to it twice, but the other effect it had on me was it made me want to listen to Odelay…..

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