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That’s the line I have always used when anyone asked what my dog Cooper looked like. You see, he’s half border collie, half whippet and no one could imagine what he looked like. Basically he’s like a short haired border collie with a long nose and long legs that can run like buggery. So the best bits of both.

Anyway, he passed away on the weekend at my Mum and Dad’s place where he lives. Not much to say except it was quite sudden and saddening. He was about 13, and I reckon 12.5 years of that were spent running chasing a ball. He was named after Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks for no real other reason except I was (and still am) obsessed with Twin Peaks and Cooper sounded like a cool name and all the family agreed.

So here is a picture of him for those of you still wondering what a half border collie, half whippet could possibly look like. Keep chasing that ball Coop.



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