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I haven’t had too many posters arrive on the door step in the recent month or two. The odd Jay Ryan and Leia Bell is about it.

Two awesome posters in the past month are these two for my favourite folk-comedy duo… yep Flight of the Conchords. The first is by the great artist Tyler Stout. It actually glows in the dark and shows two very creepy skeletons of Jermaine and Brett. Is only one of 50 so was very happy to grab that. The other is by EyeNoise and makes me smile each time I look at it.

Jay Ryan has put up a heap of things recently, but not for many bands I dig. Lots of art prints as well which are a bit of a change of style for him. The main two I have picked up are for Jeff Tweedy and Modest Mouse. The MM one is particularly interesting… full bleed (ie image goes all the way to the edges of the paper).

And last but most certainly not least is my favourite, Leia Bell. It has been mainly art prints for her, one of which was a 2nd Edition of the image which adorns my wall in full original painted glory. It is an image I love of which I have the painting, art print, and also the Mates of State gig poster. Awesomeness.

… muttler


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  1. I love Leia Bell too.My partner and I also own some lovely works of hers(thanks to Muttler opening our eyes) . And the Flight of the Conchords are the best novelty folk band EVER…..Germaine preferably without the moustache……. ;-)) “my rhymes are bottomless”………
    later Anna.

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