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MIFF is here again for another Melbourne winter. Over the years I have gone from seeing 20 films, to a dozen, to a handful. Last year I saw about 5 and it was the quietest year since I began going. This year I only have 2 on the cards. Not sure why… there is always enough too see. Maybe it is just getting to be a bit too much and too expensive.

And this year to be honest there wasn’t too much that grabbed my attention. Yep, there is some good horror in there (more on that soon), but outside of that, I reckon it is a bit slim. Even the Music Doco section is a staple, but this year there is not much in there. So what am I actually going to?

Well, the thing that MIFF has done that has gotten me all excited is bring out George A Romero for his new one Diary of the Dead, as well as a retrospective. Sure, Land of the Dead is not great. But the 1-2-3 of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead can’t be beaten. So I am off to see some of those (having never seen Dawn on the big screen I am pretty excited). But the main bit of gold is the Q&A with the man himself. You better get that on that one quick though as I can’t imagine tickets are left.

The only other thing on my agenda is the new doco on Hunter S Thompson. The man is amazing, and this seems to be the most “official” doco we will get so should be very cool.

Outside of that there is not too much I don’t think. If I wasn’t up to much, sure I could see a few movies each night, but must see’s? There they are above for ya.

… muttler


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