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Well, looks like Jase has gone AWOL, so it is up to me to keep this sucker afloat.

This morning was the last morning of getting up at 4:30am. Spain were very much deserved winners. Before the game I was thinking “Can they choke again? Surely not”. Thankfully they didn’t.

Yep, I was on the Dutch wagon for a while, then Russia. Ultimately, after the debacle/awfulness last Euro that was Greece and their god-awful boring play, I was just hoping for a team willing to razzle dazzle to take the honours. So could this be the start of a Spanish dynasty? We’ll see I guess. They look good though.

… muttler

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  1. Interesting statistic though….. Euro 2004, 77 goals were scored in the tournament. Euro 2008 – 77 goals were scored in the tournament.

    Yep, statistics can prove anything, but does make you wonder how this was a better tournament….. especially since the finals had the same scorelines!

  2. I thought it was a cracker of a tournament. I heard the same stat about goals scored. A lot of the finals had pretty good scorelines… Germany v Turkey was 3-2, Spain put 3 past Russia the second time. Now we have to wait two years for World Cup.

    Please Australia… don’t screw up…

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