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Well, you have seen a few posts from me about Sigur Ros in the last fortnight. And here is one more. The band has their new album streaming on their website right now, a week or two before it is in stores. The full title being Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (With a buzz in our ears we play endlessly). So I have got to live with it for a week or so now. And what do I think?

I am digging it. As indicated by the opening track (and free download) Gobbledigook, it is a lot more playful at times, especially the first 3 or 4 tracks. But is definitely an album of two halves, my only criticism of it is that it has a definite upbeat vibe in the first half, which then turns into more a mood piece in the second half. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I find I get really enthusiastic about the first half, and then find the second half tracks pretty much indistinguishable. But I don’t mean it in a bad sense… they flow beautifully and before I know it, the album has finished.

Regardless, it is a great album… just a little different to show Sigur Ros can be a little different, but still with quintessential Sigur Ros parts. Some tracks though, especially Festival, are going to blow our socks off live come August. Giddy up.

… muttler



  1. Have been listening to the album over on too and i love it…a bit of a shift away from takk and ( )..thanks for the read..dave

  2. Yeah, i like how different the new sound is, yet still very much Sigur Ros.

    I recently watched Heima and the scenery took my breath away…

  3. Heima is AWESOME. Unfortunately I missed the cinema screening here in Melbourne where the lads themselves were here to play a few acoustic tracks. At least I get to see them next month!

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