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On Sunday I rode the new Eastlink freeway here in Melbourne on my bike with my mate James-o. All I can say is if the planning that went into this even went into the building of the freeway, then the drivers of Melbourne are screwed. Yes, I know that thousands more people turned up than registered, but it was so poorly organised that it was still stuffed from the start, not to mention just plain dangerous. In the end James-o and I didn’t ride the whole thing… we were about 10km short, but it was just too crazy to finish.

Hey Eastlink people, how do you account for:

  • Having riders ride head on into each other and just simply being asked to “keep left”
  • Only using one bit of freeway (yes, I know you had cars parked on one side in parts, but that doesn’t explain why kilometers of virgin road was sitting there idle)
  • Have thousands of riders trying to cram into one lane each way down near the Frankston end… and then ask them to simply turn around
  • Having 65km riders, who were moving at a fair pace, hit all the casual riders back at about the Monash?

All in all very crazy. I hope too many people did not get hurt (the ambulance seemed to be somewhat busy). Anyway, I got to see some of the crazy new “art” pieces on the side of the road. The bird is awesome, the Hotel, not so sure.

… muttler


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