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What a quiet time on the Barricade.

There hasn’t really been many albums or movies or anything happening of late. Well maybe there has been and we have been too slack to write. I promise I will soon! It is exam marking time so that is taking most of my time and sanity away. But here is what you can expect some posts on over the next week (with some teasers)…

(Photo from

  • Euro 2008… Dutchies beat Italy… woo hoo!
  • Southland Tales… oh my god… what an absolute train-wreck of a film
  • Mario Kart… the only thing more fun than playing Mario Kart is playing Mario Kart against friends
  • Flight of the Conchords… I am officially obsessed
  • Spiritualized, Songs in A & E… more songs about gods and devils

That is what is happening at the moment, as well as work and PhD.

A parting story. Apparently Metallica played an early mix of their new album to some music journos. Of course, they wrote about it on their blogs. So what does Metallica do? Forces them to take the posts down. So why did you play it to them in the first place?! Jerks.

… Muttler


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