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They nearly lost me. Well, not really. Death Cab For Cutie that is. Their last couple of LP’s, while I didn’t mind them, I didn’t listen to them flat out. Both were half-great albums, where for every song I really dug, there was another I thought was a bit yawn-o. Then I saw them last year (or was it the year before?!) at the Forum, and it was just OK. Nothing obviously wrong, but just OK.

So Narrow Stairs comes along. I heard the lead single I Will Possess Your Heart, and thought, hmmm, this is OK. Then heard another track or two, and I thought, maybe we are on a winner. And you know what? I think we are.

This is the first Death Cab album I reckon where I see quite a significant change from the last. Each was a steady change from great (We Have The Facts), to perfect (Photo Album), then back down a couple pegs. But this LP has some clear change in direction. Your New Twin Sized Bed is the best thing Death Cab have done for ages. But then I can’t remember anything in their back catalogue that is in the same ball park as Talking Bird. Death Cab doing My Bloody Valentine? Who would have thought.

So I really digging this. A couple of my friends who are rabid Death Cab fans aren’t digging it. But I think all they need is a little time, cause I reckon this is a bit of alright.

… muttler

P.S Where are all Jase’s posts coming from?! Man, he is either very busy, or not busy at all 🙂


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