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shigaBookhunter (Sparkplug Comics), Jason Shiga.

This book is pretty amazing, for a range of reasons (the cover is one of them). It seems like I say this for every second thing I read, but I wasn’t totally sold on Shiga’s art style – and I do remember reading Fleep a while back, so I knew what to expect. The whole geometric cartoonish -ness is a hard sell on me, but every other element of this book is so well crafted that you start to wonder how it would work if the art was any different. The thing I liked most about the art was the expression the main character, Agent Bay, wore through most of the book: this surly, unimpressed kind of squinting hard-ass glare, I loved it. I like to imagine that I look like that.

Bookhunter is the somewhat dramatised account of a 70’s library investigation into the theft and counterfeit of a valuable antique book. I know it sounds exciting, but really, it is. It’s like an 80’s action film, in book form.. about a book stolen from.. a library.. I’m astonished at how Jason Shiga manages to make this story so thrilling. But the characters are all so deadpan serious about everything, it’s hard not to get immersed in their world. If you’re at all interested in the making of books, and who isn’t, then you’re in for a ride.

As with Fleep, you can read Bookhunter online but Sparkplug have done a great job on the print copy (and Dylan is a real nice guy).


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