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… but this one is completely free. No token 5 bucks. As Trent Reznor says “Thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years — this one’s on me.”

Called The Slip, it is available to grab gratis right now. The progressive guy that Trent is, he even provides it a number of formats, from *yawn* mp3, to *whoa* 24-bit, 96-kHz WAV files that is over a gig in size.

So, how is it? A review is kinda superfluous given it is free. Jase and I had a debate about album reviews the other day and whether they are out-dated given someone can just download something, listen, and form their own opinion. I guess that is true in this case. But it wouldn’t be a blog wihtout an opinion right?

Well, remember that this thing just came out overnight, and has had only a couple spins here at work. So far? OK. Ghosts actually surprised me how much I liked it. This is a bit more traditional NIN. As a result I am not digging it as much. Not to say I don’t dig NIN… I thought Year Zero was a consitently great album. This one though not sure first few times around. Maybe I just need to get it cranking up loud I think. It is a bit industrial, a bit grimy, a bit dubby. I think a few more listens and it might get under my skin. Unfortunately for an album only 10 tracks there is a little filler in there. But hey, it’s free!

So this is primarily a heads up more than a review. Defintely go grab it. It is alright (see, I have already changed my tune from OK to alright) and in a matter of minutes and 80mb you too can have your own copy. That is unless you are shooting for the 1 gig option.

… muttler


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