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Jason has already mentioned this, but reading our little blurb that says Nintendo is to blame for a lack of posts I thought I should write a little bit. Yes, Nintendo is to blame… specifically Professor Layton and the Curious Village (well, also the fact that it is a quite period for gigs and all I am listening to is the strange mix of Portishead, Raconteurs and Flight of the Conchords).

Now that I have (virtually) finished the game, what is so great about Professor Layton?

1. I Like Puzzles. Yep, the puzzles are great. 120+ in there to solve is sweet. I think I only have about 5 left to find. They are great variety. Lateral thinking and logic puzzles dominate, but a smattering of move the pieces around kinda ones as well. They are all great fun. Did I cheat? Only once. There is a puzzle in there that was just really really stoopid. Plus the hint gave me a bum steer. You have to believe me! In all seriousness, it is set up really well, that if you are just really stuck, you can usually get enough hints to get through it. Only a handful of times did I get all hints… even if it took me half an hour to solve.

2. The Story. Well, kinda. I must admit I was skipping through parts of it just to get to the next puzzle, but could you play a game with cool puzzles with an insufferable story? Don’t think so.

3. The Animation. Jase mentioned this… the cut scenes are really cool. Animation has never looked so good on a DS.

4. Great Idea Well Executed. It is simple when you think about it, but it is all just done so well. If you have a DS defintely grab it.

Hopefully the sequel is a while away… playing my DS 15 hours in a week is not time well spent!

… muttler



  1. Cracker, GTA IV is to me what Prof Layton is to you…… kryponite….. or a time sucubus! But oh so worth it!

  2. I was wondering Bolden if you were on GTA IV. Naturally I assumed you were!

    Oz version or overseas? How hardcore are you? 🙂

  3. Oz Version… but I went SE, got the safety deposit box 😉 so semi-hardcore …..

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