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I am pretty late on to Flight of the Conchords. I had heard of them and had a couple of friends urging me to check them out. Finally I got the DVDs and watched all 12 episodes in the space of a few days. I loved it. Jermaine and Bret are great, but it is also the bit characters, Murray, Dave, and especially Mel that are fantastic too even though they don’t burst into song. I was trying to think of the last time I had watched something and found I was laughing out loud while watching it by myself. The songs I thought were genius… lyrically hysterical yet also funny as a genre-bending exercise. So when I read that the official album was coming out on Sub Pop I thought sweet.

So I now have it and have been listening to it all day. First of all, the songs have not been messed with. Sure they are “official studio” recordings but they don’t sound very far removed from their TV counterparts which is great. Next, almost all the gold is there. Sure some songs are missing, but the highlights are here… A Kiss Is Not A Contract, The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room, and everyones favourite Business Time. I mean as I type away here I have it on and I still smile. I mean how can you not love a lyric like this from Think About It:

There’s people on the street, gettin’ diseases from monkeys

Yeah that’s what I said, they’re gettin’ diseases from monkeys

Now there’s junkies with monkey disease, who’s touching these monkeys puh-lease

Leave these poor sick monkeys alone, they got problems enough as it is


… muttler


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