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As I have mentioned in the past, there is no way I can keep up with all the news in the world of gig posters. So all you get from me is some bits about artists I like. So, some updates:

Jay Ryan: The Bird Machine have a new website up with all their goodies. Check out Jay’s 2001 movie poster. It looks totally different to anything he has done before, but it is awesome. And huge! I have one coming. Woo hoo! And the stars glow in the dark. It would only be better if it had Kubrick’s DNA in there somewhere. Also the Jeff Tweedy poster looks great too.

Leia Bell: Leia is always putting new prints up at her website. So just have a look and visit often. The Enon and Joggers poster with the giraffe particularly is making my day at the moment. What are you waiting for?

Rob Jones: Rob puts out heaps of stuff, but usually just at shows. Now that the Raconteurs have started playing shows again, expect lots of prints to surface. Main thing in the past week has been a couple White Stripes prints that have surfaced, originally for some cancelled shows last year. You can only get these from the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester, and only if you pick up some White Stripes lomography cameras. Why is the British Pound so strong?! Oh, the RGG folks are awesome too. They put up with me going in there every day when I was in Manchester fleetingly in 2006 just to salivate over their stock.

Tara McPherson: Tara is a bit quiet with the gig posters but has a new giclee art print up at her website. $300… yikes. Looks amazing though.

So what have I bought recently? Well, the 2001 poster mentioned above. I also couldn’t help myself and picked up Shag’s new print which you can see in the Shag post. It really is truly amazing. The new Rob Jones Raconteurs print arrived too in it’s silver and black glory that I mentioned the other week. Is cool, but maybe I didn’t need a poster with the Raconteurs lads on it. Otherwise, a relatively quiet time for me with posters at the moment.

… muttler


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