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Double entendre titles are too easy in this case. But oh well.

Josh Agle (aka Shag) is back in town and has a great new show of originals and artist proofs at the Outre Gallery. The opening was Friday night and was a packed affair with the man himself there to kick back and entertain crazies like me talking to him. To his credit, he is great fun to have a chat with and was as debonair as ever.

The show itself is great. If you are only familiar with Shag’s serigraphs and books you really need to see his paintings in the flesh. The colours are truly amazing. They are so vivid they just slap you in the face. This show is entitled “The Birds and the Beasts“. A kinda loose title really, but it works. I would love to have half a dozen of the smaller bird paintings about my house (see the exhibition and you will know what I am talking about). If only I could afford a big one to be hanging in my place.

Lots of rare artist proof prints too if you are still searching for one long gone. My favourite is there… the Melbourne inspired Vinegar Girl. But I am privileged to have that hanging in my house, so that just makes me feel even more special. The one that will blow your socks off though is the exhibition-specific print Glorious Lifestyle. Based on the Peter Sellers movie The Party it is a massive 18 colour (I think) print. It is just over a meter and a half wide. See it and your jaw will drop… it is that sweet. You can pick up your very own from Outre, but get in quick as these won’t be around long I wouldn’t think as they are amazing and it is a slightly smaller run than a normal Shag.

The exhibition is on until May 6 (it is also on up at their gallery in Sydney too). It is free to have a look, so no one has any excuse not to pop in. Pick up one of Shag’s books while you are at it. Actually.. treat yourself with a print. It will look great in your house.

… muttler


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