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Congrats to Kristen Schaal, the American comedian, for co-taking out the Barry Award for Best Show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Each year I usually go to a few shows, but this year gigs seemed to occupy all my time (and money). Excitingly though, I only saw one show, and that was Ms Schaal’s on Friday night.

So while I can’t say if it was indeed the best of the festival (my mate Craig will be happy I think) I have to say that I adored the show. I didn’t know that much about her before heading to see it… just a recommendation, some press, and a couple episodes of Flight of the Conchords. But of all the shows I could have seen I was very happy with my choice. She tapped in completely to my comic sensibilities I think… absolutely absurdist humour but combined with some genuine belly laughs. My friend Anna was in tears after the gloriously wacky finale, which is about the best outcome a comedian could want I would think.

Absolute kudos to her side-kick Karl too… he certainly deserves part of that Barry. So sorry about the timing of this posting… the Comedy Festival ends today… but keep her name in the memory bank for future reference (or see her last show tonight).

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