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I came across Clinic by accident. Somewhere I read a few glowing reviews of their 2002 album Walking With Thee and on an impulse bought it. I think the review said something about “Like nothing else” or somesuch and I took a punt. I love it when you uncover something great like that. Reading about bands, studying your favourite mags, finding that new act, taking a punt of your 20 bucks and uncovering a gem of an LP. Walking With Thee was one of them.

So I now pick up each Clinic without reservation. But Clinic are a funny one. You could make a mix tape and I defy most fans to be able to name what album each song comes from. But with Clinic it is not really a bad thing. I love picking up their new album and getting 30 mins of wacked out psych-pop all kinda cut from the same cloth. So this makes Do It! an interesting one.

This is the first album where I hear a fairly distinct difference. Don’t get me wrong… this sounds just as “Clinic” as all their other albums, but there is a slightly different dynamic. It is hard to put your finger on… the strange organ is there, vocals are the same, but there is something new. And it is very cool. I know there is a different producer on board, and maybe that is it… just a fresh set of ears to add to the sound. It may even be the most accessible that they will ever sound.

The Witch (Made To Measure) is the lead single and is vintage Clinic. It has that nervy vibe to it, but is complete warped pop. The rest of the album follows suit. 11 tracks, about 33 minutes. Nice to see some things don’t change. Now if only they could bring their surgeons masks to Australia…

… muttler


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