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So has the Raconteurs (I am not going to call them the Saboteurs sorry… who actually here in Oz does) experiment worked? For those that missed my post the other day, the Raconteurs decided their album Consolers of the Lonely was done and have rushed it out in just on a week to avoid as much torrenting etc as possible.

Well, yes and no. No in that it was up on torrent sites over the weekend (apparently iTunes released it in their store over the weekend?!) Yes in that it lets Jack White-o-philes like me go into giddy excitement and heavy salivation for a week. But the big No to the experiment is that I couldn’t buy it in a store today. I thought my luck would be pushed being here on the opposite side of the world. But no one knew what I was talking about in the stores.

How am I reviewing it then? Did yours truly do something a little naughty? Nope. I had to fork out for a download via their website. Yeah, I was annoyed. But I can deal with forking out $17 now and picking up the LP when it hits stores.

So, how is it? Trying to ignore all biases, it… is… freaking awesome.

I really dug their first album. A couple of songs were a little slight maybe, but there were some crackers in there that made you think “hey! this is actually a really great BAND”. What this album does is say “hell! this is an AWESOME band”. And, man it rocks out hard.

What is really getting me is that they have such a strong identity as a band now. There is a real cohesive element to this album. The first was pretty easy to pick Brendan’s songs from Jack’s, but this is quite difficult. Not that the first album sounded like a White-Benson vanity project. But there seems to be a lot more vocal interplay in this one and the band is just right on it. If there is a more rockin’ track than Salute Your Solution then 2008 will be a very rockin’ year.

On a few listens on the train, it might be say 2 tracks too long. But that it not to say they suck, just that toward the end there are a couple of tracks not quite as strong as the others. But that is minor. There is a constant vibe through the album that keeps rockin’, even when it gets a little more Nashville, which I dig. It is also nice to hear the live staple 5 on the 5 in official recorded form too.

This is certainly a grab it, regardless if you don’t have their other album or are a White Stripes fan. I actually think it may win quite a few fans outside the White Stripes realm if it can get some good airplay. This album makes me want them to tour even more now as it will be a monster of a full on hour-and-a-half rocker of a set.

… muttler

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