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No, the new Portishead album Third has not been rushed out online for a free download (discounting any leaked versions out there, but then it is not really free… a record exec cries every time a song is illegally downloaded). Rather we have a deluxe-o box set full of goodies available to buy.

I am super amped about the new Portishead LP. Their two studio albums and the live album still get a fair working out, even 10 years later. But should I drop 40 quid on a deluxe box not having heard the album yet? Hhhmmm… I want the vinyl, but I have to assume it will pop up as its own LP set. Do I need the P USB stick or the art print or the 12″ of new single Machine Gun? Part of me knows I am going to relent one day and just pull the trigger. Then it can sit with my In Rainbows set and look pretty while I spin the wax I guess. You can pick it up from

Speaking of pulling the trigger, the greatest radio station in the world, RRR here in Melbourne, have been flogging the lead single Machine Gun as I am sure has every other half decent radio station in the world. So what is the verdict?


It sounds like Portishead but it doesn’t. You can’t mistake Beth’s voice, but musically it is dark in a different way. I don’t think the name of a track has ever been more apt. So this has got me even more excited for the album. It looks like it will make me poorer by 40 quid…

… muttler


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