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Wow. This whole “we have a new album and it is out next week” schtick is catching. Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, etc have pulled the trick, and now we have The Raconteurs. Those of you aware of my White Stripes / Jack White obsession will guess that I have greeted this mornings news with quite a deal of excitement. Consolers of the Lonely is coming NEXT TUESDAY!

With The White Stripes off the road with Meg’s illness, Jack has obviously been able to spend some quality time with Brendan, Patrick, and Little Jack to get this album done. The e-mail I got from the Raconteurs crew say they are doing this so that it doesn’t leak out on the internets in a shoddy quality. It will be available in all the formats… LP (sweet), CD, digital, etc. Their intent is to get it into all stores by then, although I have a suspicion we here on the complete opposite side of the world may be in trouble, especially with Easter and all. Regardless I will be in my local record store next week just in case.

Below is the cover art straight from their site. Looks like they are keeping the themes of their other cover art going. Although I wonder if they will still be known as The Saboteurs over here in Oz? And while I am at it… tour dammit!

… muttler


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