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Wow… I have gone from 100 to 0 pretty quickly. 3 gigs a week has become a quiet patch. No new albums this week either. The almighty Wilco is next week. You will hear lots of gushing no doubt about that one given their recent Chicago residency where they played (just about) EVERYTHING in their catalogue. Normally I would have headed to Sydney to see them too, but alas, work prevents me.

Anyway, here is a posting a little more offbeat. Jason has told me about a great micro-brewery that lets you make your own beer. Yep, they offer the guidance and ingredients and you make it yourself, come back in 6 weeks and bottle. They are Barleycorn Brewers and you can read all about them here. It all sounds awesome to me and I am going to tee up a visit me thinks.

So here is the question. Can you name my beer? I was working on variations of “Muttler”. Simply “The Muttler” or maybe a “Mutt-Lager”. But they are all a bit boring and obvious. Do you, my one reader, have a good idea? You know what bands I like. Hell, you probably have my personality profile all mapped out. Name my beer please! If it helps I am thinking a kind of Asahi super dry type of lager.

Also suggestions for label designs are also welcomed. What good would naming a beer be if I didn’t put my own labels on? Get cracking!

… muttler



  1. I went with the Racontoeurs and Stout….

    ‘Matt’s Raconstout’

  2. Nice and topical!

  3. The word RaconStout sounds good too! 😉

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