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It was a good day the other week… I picked up the new Nick Cave album (another earlier post) and the new My Disco album, Paradise. Pretty sweet stuff.

If you have ever seen My Disco play, or have the debut album Cancer, then you know what you get. Hypnotic rhythms punctuated by urgent vocals and abrasive guitar. Paradise follows suit and is no surprise that it has Steve Albini at the desk. But this newey just has an extra assuredness that really grabs me. I guess when you have a 9 minute track where not that much happens you have to be self-assured.

But this is a great thing. I have had the album going round and round and I am really digging it. I get to the end and listen again. Not for the feint of heart, but let it dig its hooks in. One thing I wouldn’t have picked… this is a really great album to run to. I had it playing as I hit the road yesterday and man it got me in a trance. I wonder if they take that as a compliment? Either way it means it is going to be getting a fair workout from me.

Oh, they have a record launch at the Corner coming up soon too. Only $10 so good value.

… muttler


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