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I know, I know. You looked at the first part of my list and thought “Why is yours any better than Billboard’s?”. Well, I guess that says it all… gig posters are such an individual taste that no list can be definitive. The closest you could do would be to find the ones that go for the most money and use that. But that is against the whole point of collecting… you collect the ones you love.

So here are another 6. 6 instead of 5 since I have one double up of artist. A few in here are worth a very pretty penny these days, so certainly some work in here that most won’t be able to argue with. One though is quite dubious (in a fun way). So here we go again…

6. White Stripes (Blackpool) by Rob Jones

I lead with a newer poster (well 3 years old) that has very quickly gone from a $30 buy to over a grand. Why this one? Well, I am not sure. Rob Jones has done almost all the White Stripes posters in the last 5 years or so, and they are all awesome. This one though has struck a real chord. I certainly think it is one of the best, if not the best. For some reason you look at it and you just think White Stripes. Plus everyone loves Polar Bears and Penguins (which is Jack and which is Meg?).

7. Nine Inch Nails by Frank Kozik

Here is a true classic. Why isn’t it the Green Lady Soundgarden print I hear you ask? Sure this doesn’t go for as much (like only $600 instead of $3000) but it is the whole package of this… the Manson and Sharon Tate imagery complimenting that era of NIN perfectly. If you have one of these you are a very lucky person. Oh, the Billboard article included a Kozik. But the Pennywise poster?!?! Proof they know nothing.

8. Death Cab for Cutie by Tara McPherson

I am a big Tara fan, but I actually debated about including one of her posters. Why? I don’t think she has yet done one poster that has become the one. It will happen… maybe she has already done it? Maybe it is this one. Although it doesn’t feature any of her traditional lonely heart motifs this beautifully captures her characters and their dreamworld.

9. Chemical Brothers by Jermaine Rogers

Again, not sure this is an indisputable classic, but Jermaine is a key figure in the gig poster world, and this is a great example of a pop culture reference used to perfection. He played around with the polluted culture idea with some other Beatles images, but this is the best. And just really funny.

10. Fugazi & Shellac by Jay Ryan

Here is definitely an indisputable modern classic. Well, it could also have been the Fugazi chairs, or the Shellac squirrels, but this is my favourite. Jay is now one of the most sought after poster artists. Take a look at his huge body of work to be bombarded by a bunch of crazy creatures… for lovers of squirrels, cats, and dogs (amongst other things).

11. Stinky Del Negro by Rob Jones

… and so we finish with this. I think this is just so freakin’ funny that I have included a second Rob Jones poster. No, I don’t know the band. But I couldn’t resist including this quite bizarre take on 60’s TV comedian Don Knotts. Apparently Rob was asked at a poster convention “What kind of artist statement were you trying to make with that one?”. That is absolute gold. Plus how can you argue with Frank Kozik, who on reckons “ITS THE BEST POSTER EVER MADE.” Enjoy!

… muttler


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