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My 3rd Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings gig was just what I expected. A joyous hour and a half of funk, soul, and plain old good vibes at the Hi-Fi. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night.

Things kicked off with CW Stoneking. I have to say I just don’t get it. I like cranking out my Robert Johnson CD’s every now and then, but I find something just very off-putting about a a baby faced white Aussie guy doing 1920’s blues. All power to him though I guess, cause we here in Melbourne seem to dig him.

But not as much love as for Sharon Jones. Melbourne just adores her and her kick-ass band the Dap-Kings. 4 nights sold out at the Hi-Fi, with a 5th at the Gershwin Room just announced and already close to a sell out as well (so get in quick). Considering Sydney didn’t even sell out a whole show, we can clearly see which city has musical taste (although this isn’t a forum for Melb v Sydney shenanigans… it is no contest). But this love is all for good reason.

I first saw her a couple years ago where she played a show with the Black Keys. My mates Jerome and James got me onto her LP’s, but once you see her live once, your head will explode and you will go to as many gigs as you can. I don’t think it matters if you are an indie kid, music snob, or 50 year old casual listener… you can’t not love Sharon Jones. Halfway through the first track every guy and girl in the room has fallen for her. She kicked off with one of my favourites, Genuine, and then proceeded to funk up the rest of the night with tracks from all 3 albums, including the newey 100 Days 100 Nights. The live version of Answer Me was just a massive funk highlight that really complemented the more soulful LP version. The Dap-Kings were super-tight.

No need to go on much more… it was a great fun show. I don’t think anything can match the first time you experience a Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings soul revue, but there will never be any doubt you won’t go away beaming. Plus I got a big hug from the lady herself as I was leaving and a “Love ya!” scribbled on my LP. How cool is that?

… muttler

 Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings


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