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Well, I was on the money for the most part. The only two I missed were Best Picture and Supporting Actress. I was so happy that No Country For Old Men got the gong… I picked Atonement in trying to second guess the Academy. Should have just gone with what I thought. Supporting Actress was the surprise of the night, with Tilda Swinton coming from nowhere to win. Even she looked shocked. So if I was a betting man I would have come out way on top last night.

Overall I was happy with the outcomes of all the major awards, and even the minor ones for that matter. Thankfully Enchanted didn’t win an Oscar for Best Song. And Jon Stewart did another good job… the right balance of cheeseball and the odd biting quip.

Here’s hoping 2008 is as good a year for movies.

… muttler


Coens Clean Up
No Country for Gold Men meets Goldfellas
(see what I did there? ha! that is terrible!)

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  1. Hi there! You are blogging like a pro! If you ever get sick of lecturing and wish to apply for a job at some funky mag, just show them your regular entries here!

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