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I love a musical surprise… someone you had no idea existed and no expectation to dig. First surprise packet of 2008 goes to Jay Reatard and his new album Blood Visions. I hadn’t heard of him before, and really only decided to give this a go because he is playing a double header with the Dirtbombs next month and also that my favourite record store Missing Link are going nuts for this.

Jay ReatardYou might not think it from cover, but this album is so much fun. This is garage-punk-pop at its most playful, raw, fun. Jay used to be in a band called the Reatards (hence the politically incorrect surname, don’t blame me) and has branched out. I can’t compare to their work, but I may have to delve back. Here we have 15 tracks in like 26 minutes. All rough as guts, but just great songs. I thought the Black Lips may have been my kind of band, but for all the kudos, I just couldn’t get into Good Bad Not Evil. This though had me with first listen.

So if the cover scares you off, don’t let it, definitely give it a crack. I can let you know about the Jay Reatard live experience in a couple weeks.

… muttler

P.S If my musical tastes are confusing you (ie reviews of Bjork and Jay Reatard in the same month), don’t worry… it confuses me sometimes too.

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