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That line is from Kissability, off Sonic Youth‘s Daydream Nation LP. I bumped into a guy at last nights Sonic Youth Don’t Look Back gig that had made his own t-shirt for the occasion with that lyric. He was obviously stoked, as was I and my friends that ventured off to the Palace Theatre. For you Melbournites thinking “Didn’t the Palace burn down?”, yep. This is the former Metro with some refurb. And I have to say I dig it. Lots of good sight-lines for a short one like myself.

Anyway, the gig. Um, well, it was OK.

Daydream NationI don’t know what it was. Daydream Nation the LP is virtually perfect. And there was suitable abusing of guitars. But I don’t know, it was just OK. Silver Rocket was great, as were Lee’s trifecta of tracks. But overall I thought something was just missing. Kim didn’t look too into it at times… biggest (pedantic) disappointment was that she didn’t even start her bit of Teenage Riot properly!

My mate Craig thought it was a bit anti-climactic, and I tended to agree. Daydream finished and some Rather Ripped songs with Pavement’s Mark Ibold on bass got an airing (which are again, just OK). Highlight of the night was actually the seemingly impromptu real finale of Drunken Butterfly from Dirty that the crowd went crazy for. But up to that point I didn’t think the crowd was too into it either. Sure we all sang along at times, but, I don’t know.

So it was good, don’t get me wrong. Just not great… which is really what I expected. I wonder if the Twistability guy dug it.

… muttler


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