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Call me sad, but I love the Oscars. I love getting angry at the nominations, avoiding the news all day, and then yelling at the TV when a movie I hated wins. But every year I follow the same ritual.

This year has been a little different. I actually think the nominations are right on for the main part. Having seen all Best Picture nominees, 3 I am stoked with (No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, and Atonement), 1 I don’t mind (Juno), and 1 could be worse (Michael Clayton). Actor awards too I am pretty content with.

Anyway, here are my predictions. I must say/confess that I have not seen all the films (a lot though), so some predictions are gut, some are personal. But all are trying to preempt the Academy. I am going for their winners, not my personal selections. But I will let you know along the way.

So here are the major awards (and ones I have strong opinions about).

Best Picture: Atonement. Why Atonement if you my valued reader knew I thought No Country was best? Not sure actually. Something in my gut says they are going to give it to Atonement. I can’t explain. All the odds say No Country, so hopefully I will be wrong. Having said that, either of those 2 or Blood could win and I would be happy.

Best Director: The Coen Brothers for No Country For Old Men. Has this award ever gone to more than one person? We are about to find out. This will make up for No Country not winning Best Picture. Although I would happily let it go to Paul Thomas Anderson as well for Blood, the boys have to win this time for being shafted for Fargo all those years ago.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis. No contest. I have seen all but the Tommy Lee Jones movie, and it is in the bag.

Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem. Never before has something been so certain.

Best Actress: Marion Cotillard for the Edith Piaf movie. I have only seen Ellen Page of all of these so going with intuition.

Best Supporting Actress: Ruby Dee for American Gangster. I have seen almost all these and although I think Cate Blanchett should win for her Dylan, I think sentimentality will prevail here and Ruby will win it.

Best Original Screenplay: Diablo Cody for Juno. I loved Ratatouille more, but Juno is a lock. Although I will scream if I hear the expression “the little movie that could” one more time.

Best Adapted Screenplay: The Coen Brothers. Another strong category that has my favourite film-making brothers come out on top. But I am also Cormac McCarthy biased here too.

and some other (kinda minor) awards…

Best Editing: Roderick Jaynes for No Country. It will be great if one of the best in-jokes in Hollywood wins (if you didn’t know Jaynes is a pseudonym for the Coen Brothers who will accept on ‘his’ behalf).

Best Cinematography: Robert Elswit for Blood. It was just the best looking movie all year (well, not counting Ratatouille… I wonder if an animated movie could ever be nominated here?!)

I wonder how many I will get right?

… muttler

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    • stormthebarricade
    • Posted February 18, 2008 at 1:56 pm
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    I’m calling you out, butler.

    1. Best picture to No country, even though I haven’t seen it. I have a gut feeling.

    2. Best director to whoever directed Atonement (you see what I did there?)

    3. Actor + supporting actor, fair enough.

    4. Supporting actress to Cate Blanchett. Why not.

    5. Screenplay to Juno.

    6. Golden compass should get something for art or visuals, but probably won’t.

    7. Persepolis will win the animated feature.

    8. Sicko might win documentary, just so the crowd can jeer Michael Moore again.

    9. I’ll totally forget what I picked and refute whatever I got wrong.

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