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I am going to forsake the 100 Words or Less review this time around. How do you do an almost 3hr epic like There Will Be Blood justice in 100 words? Especially when it is the Citizen Kane of the decade?

When I say Citizen Kane, I mean in the awesome, almost biblical, way. I don’t find Kane that watchable to be honest… I certainly appreciate it’s greatness, but I don’t really like it. But There Will Be Blood… man it is big. It looks big, big themes, and a massive central performance. And, most importantly, you are riveted right until the end.

For those unfamiliar, we are at the turn of the century, kicking off late 1800’s and moving through several decades as Daniel Plainview (a kick-ass Daniel Day-Lewis), small-time silver miner, strikes oil, sending his life on a new path. With son H.W., Plainview builds his empire up, however you can imagine the kind of man that he will have to become in the process. So it goes for the next few hours, up to a perfect ending.

So that is what I mean by Kane. I am sure that comparison is being made elsewhere, but it is the best frame of reference. Director Paul Thomas Anderson has been a favourite of mine over his last few films (Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love) but even I would never imagined that he could come up with this. In hindsight Magnolia is epic, just in a completely different way. Huge kudos to him. This is epic in the Lawrence of Arabia way. Special note also has to go to Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead for the inventive score. It has been a good year as well for music scores, with this and Atonement showing that you don’t need sweeping strings to sell the drama.

Oh, and if you couldn’t tell, of course Daniel Day-Lewis will win Best Actor… it is as much a lock as Javier Bardem.

… muttler

There Will Be Blood

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