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It has been a slow start to 2008 LP wise. My time (as you my devoted reader of the Storm will know… ha) has been focused on gigs. But combined with that is that there has not really been any worthwhile new releases. The first for me is In The Future by Black Mountain.

In The FutureBlack Mountain are arguably the flagship of yet another Canadian music collective, this one out of Vancouver. Pink Mountaintops are in there too, but I am not digging them too much… Black Mountain is where I am at. Their self-titled debut was great. My mate Jerome passed it on and from the opening track Modern Music I was hooked. So here is the “difficult” second album.

But this doesn’t sound too difficult at all. It is clear that this was going to be an album of solidifying their sound and beefing it up… if not for the masses at least to expand their audience a bit. And that is certainly how the album comes across. Some tracks amp up the 70’s rock, others the psych. Some tracks are not exactly easy (a 16 minute track like Bright Lights never is) but if the odd ambitious Wolfmother fan was to give Black Mountain some time, then they would be way on board.

So yeah, I am digging it and rocking out. Not sure it is quite at the heights of their debut (yet), but it is very cool. Looking on my muttPod, this is the only 2008 album on there. Good work Black Mountain. And thanks for providing downloads of the tracks with the vinyl so it in fact can actually be on my muttPod without too much trouble!

… muttler


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