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Niagara‘s back in town with a show at the Outre Gallery in Elizabeth St. Sweet!

From Detroit With LoveIt has been a couple years since she was last here, so it is quite exciting to have her back at last. If you haven’t seen her work then it has the whole Modesty Blaise vibe going. Hard-ass women, wussy guys, guns, boobs, snappy dialogue… what more could you want?

It looks like it will be a great show. Originals, seven new prints, plus the lady herself for the opening and a signing. It all opens at Outre on Friday the 15th Feb (with an invite only shindig) but then fully from the next day. Make sure you get along.

Oh, and if you aren’t on the Outre mailing list get on it, because the man is back in April. Yep Shag is returning and bringing a stack of new booty. July also brings Angelique Houtkamp back… woot! Certainly is shaping up to be a fun year at Outre.

… muttler


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  1. The private opening event was sweet.

    I ordered the new “Run” print.. with a hot girl pointing at guy directly at the viewer of the picture. Niagra stated in a conversation to me that it was one of her favourites as well due to the female character looking so different to some of her other ladies.

    Plenty of lovely orginal art, which had already old. Her prices are going up and up! One thing my partner and I saw which we liked.. most of the paintings were unframed.. and Niagra had painted the title of the picture up the side of the frame.. so it was like the title on the spine of a book. The little touches that make it even better.

    Too many good pictures in the world and not enough wallspace.

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