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This is one from a year ago, but I only just got hold of it in the last month. Rob Jones has been doing the White Stripes artwork for a while now, and has the Raconteurs gig as well. Deservedly he is one of the preeminent gig poster artists these days. Almost everything he does is gold. Combine that with the popularity of the White Stripes and the fact the posters are only available at gigs and you have the result that his silkscreens are going crazy. This is a tad frustrating for me given I used to get my posters straight from Rob a few years ago for like $25 a pop, but all success to him I say.

So check this one out for the Raconteurs show in Chicago at the very end of 2006. It is huge and amazingly impressive in the flesh… probably the one that has made my jaw drop most when I have unrolled it. Crazy copper and silver paints, as well as translucent white. It is truly a beauty… my fave of the last 12 months. This is on the wall for sure.

… muttler

Raconteurs by Rob Jones

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  1. Nice.

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