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It has been a while since I have been devoted to an author. This is in part because:

  1. I have to read journals to try and get this PhD finished
  2. I got burned by Chuck Palahniuk‘s last couple novels
  3. I really didn’t know what it was I wanted to read

Well, things may have changed. I am a late comer to Cormac McCarthy. I knew of him but never had the urge to pick up one of his books. Then I heard the Coen Brothers were doing No Country For Old Men and coincidentally happened to be book-less before a flight home from Europe. The bookstore had it, so No Country it was. And I loved that book. I just had not read that kind of prose before. So I sought out another, Blood Meridian. Boy this is bleak, I thought, but this use of language is just amazing.

So, on the recommendation of one of my work colleagues I come to The Road. This seems to be the one that is really getting to people. Hell, even Oprah had it as part of her book club, and it did win a Pulitzer last year. But I don’t think a book has gotten under my skin like this in a long long time.

The RoadHaving the luxury of being a passenger for a 4 hour drive, I sunk my teeth in and had it done by the time I arrived at my destination. You can’t stop reading it. Ask me how you read 300 pages of a man and his son walking through a post-apocalyptic wasteland with little hope in sight, I don’t know. But McCarthy makes you. I don’t want to say too much.

Much has been made of the ending of No Country, but I thought it was perfect. And I have to say, I could think of no better way for this book to finish. I went along the journey of these two, desperately wanting to know where they were headed. By the end I was spent but emotionally satisfied.

So, I think I have my new literary obsession. Looks like my Borders discounts will come in handy.

… muttler


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  1. Reading The Road was a painful experience, but definitely worth it. A great novel!

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