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I don’t dance. I just don’t. My last attempt may have been to Footloose back in the 80’s. That may also be the subconscious reason I like bands like White Stripes, Wilco, Pavement… ones that don’t demand you shake it. Bjork may be the exception, but even then it is just a muttler groove I have going that is hardly dancing. But you know, last night I may have come close to something that appropriated dancing. Well, I won’t go that far, but there was certainly some skinny butt shaking going on.

The reason for this Halley’s Comet of events? LCD Soundsystem.

Sound of Silver was a slow burner for me. To be honest I didn’t get it first listen or two. But something dug its claws in and by the end of the year it was a close second behind Battles for my favourite album. Every track is gold. Not many albums you can say that for these days. So I was a little excited for the gig last night. And boy it was a barnstormer.

From the opening track of Us vs Them (my fave on the album) to the main set closer of Yeah! it was on. The vibe was great and most importantly the band sounded sweet. LCD maestro James Murphy has nailed the sound with this band, and I have to say his voice sounds fantastic live. I thought it might be a bit lacking, but he is actually a massive presence on stage. It is strange, although he is not jumping all around the place, Murphy exhibits a great energy on stage, whether singing or pounding the cowbell (yes, lots of cowbell).

So, yeah, I danced. Toward the end of Yeah I figured, “oh well, I guess you don’t crank out a track like Someone Great at a rave up like this”. But when they came out for the encore and let loose a snippet the crowd went as crazy for a bummer of a song as I have ever heard. And we kept dancing. Joy Division cover No Love Lost provided the bridge to final track NY I Love You. It might be a little strange finishing with a tongue-in-cheek jazzy number like that, but it was a great almost cheeseball way to finish the night.

So James Murphy, you are the man. He must be. I bought their split 7″ that has Arcade Fire on the flip-side. The man must be a magician.

… muttler

LCD Soundsystem


    • tenacioustimothy
    • Posted February 1, 2008 at 10:07 am
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    Agree with you about LCD Soundsystem- definitely get you moving! Saw them in a venue in Dublin called Tripod. Saw Battles there as well and the pure brilliance of the drummer just edged out LCD SS for the best gig of the year!

  1. How lucky am I to get Battles and LCD Soundsystem gigs 2 days apart? Tough call which was better… I think I had more FUN at LCD, but Battles just make my head explode!

  2. Someone needs to teach the muttler some solid dance floor moves. Maybe even some old school breakdancing. Then use your camera phones to video him at a gig and put it up on youtube. We can see the progress (ala Sean Penn in Footloose) of him up to the point where he enters “So you think you can dance”.

    Or muttler could try that “cyclic mosh pit” that the Enter Shakiri fans were doing at the Big Day Out. Looked like they run around like a headless chook in a circle bashing into other headless chooks. Looked like fun. And best of all no practicing of moves needed.

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