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So that’s what he sings in Atlas! I always thought it was “Sing this hook”. There you go.

Just a quick one about the Battles show last night. I love Battles. Regular readers (all like… well Jase anyway) know I adore Mirrored and it was my favourite album last year. I saw them play live last year as well, so knew what I was getting myself in for last night. And it was a great performance again.

I know Mirrored inside out now, and I think that adds to the live Battles experience. Sure you can get swept along in their energy regardless, but I like piecing together how they actually create these songs. To even get close live is an achievement in itself. Also, I have to say that John Stanier‘s brain has to be wired differently to everyone else on the planet. How you can drum in a band like Battles and keep it all together in a situation where it could so easily fall apart… I am in awe.

So yeah, I had fun again last night. A special word to the support, Pivot from Sydney. Very Battles like but I dug them quite a bit and will be sure to check out their album when it is out May or so. First time in a while a support band has hooked me so kudos to you guys.

… muttler


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