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Ahh, Big Day Out. How I love thee. How I loathe thee. Too many jerks, too many hipsters, not enough awesome bands, dusty, etc etc. But every time you have that one good experience in a crappy day that hooks you back.

Now to the 1st (and possibly last) Muttler Big Day Out Awards. I say last because every year I say “never again”. This time I think I mean it though. Sorry for some of the negativity coming below, there is no malice in it, but the BDO brings that out of you… the highest of highs, the lowest of lows….

Best In Show (biased) award – Bjork. You all knew that though. I say biased because she was still getting over her vocal problem (“sorry my voice is a bit rubbish tonight”) and the bass was WAY too loud. But you can’t beat the closer of Pluto and Declare Independence. Plus she played All Is Full Of Love which she hasn’t done is a while and was absolutely mesmerising.

Most Probably Best In Show award – Rage Against The Machine. Yeah we may question why they are back together, but you can’t deny about 16 tracks that is just all gold. Plus the sound was immaculate and performance suitably riotous.

Band You Knew Would Be Great and Were award – Spoon. 45 minutes of bliss… and horns!

The I Still Don’t Understand and Every Song’s An Anthem awards – Arcade Fire. Sorry. I can’t deny their stage presence, but every song is just so boring… a hook or two would be nice! Plus all the megaphone and “wake up!” and instrument swapping and violin and accordion just comes across as a bit contrived to me (hate mail incoming). But as Jase just told me a second ago “it certainly looks that way, but i think they’re awfully sincere” so still benefit of the doubt.

Funniest Band (intentionally) award – Enter Shikari. Young Brit geezers that sound like Asian Dub Foundation playing death metal. But they had a great stage thing going.

Funniest Band (unintentionally) award – Silverchair for being audacious enough to leave a dramatic pause during one of their songs, only to have the Rage fans start their “Rage! Rage!” chant.

Lamest Band award – Anti-Flag for their whole lame-ass faux-punk “don’t hate anyone for the colour of their skin”, “everyone look after each other”, “one word people… unity” blah blah (see sincerity comment re: Arcade Fire here too though)

Most Annoying Front-Person award – Daniel Johns of Silverchair. I sympathise with facing rabid Rage fans, but does that whole american accent “let me hear you one time” work on anyone?

The Hey, I Know More Songs Than I Thought award – British India. I don’t know how either considering I never listen to Triple J.

Best Massacre of a Cover award – Kate Nash. Even joined by the man himself could not save the Billy Bragg cover. This award is more dedicated to my friend Anna who said it best… “this hurts just here” pointing to her heart. I felt her pain… and I don’t even particularly dig Billy Bragg!

I Am Glad I Didn’t See You, But Bummed I Could Still Hear You award – Grinspoon. Self explanatory.

Bummer I Missed Them awards – Battles, LCD Soundsystem, and UNKLE (but seeing the first two this week anyway)

Plus some other small higlights/lowlights:

Highlight #1Bjork doing the sign of the devil (plus seeing the crazy ReacTable again during her set)

Highlight #2 – Hearing the opening riff to Bombtrack by Rage Against The Machine

Highlight #3 – My quite good lamb souvlaki for lunch (don’t laugh… if you have eaten the food at the Big Day Out you know it can be a lucky dip)

Highlight #4 – The Lords of Lightning… 2 guys who can channel lightning between their heads… now why can’t I put my Electrical Engineering to use like that!

Lowlight #1 – The crush to get into the D-Barrier very early in the day. I can’t believe someone (namely myself) was not seriously injured

Lowlight #2Scheduling… for the first time in a long time I had to sacrifice quite a few bands. Also the run on the main stages… although I am not sure who could precede Rage though

Lowlight #3The Venue. Sorry, didn’t like it too much. Just felt wrong.

So there you have it.

… muttler


One Comment

  1. A $9 souvalki.. Why am I thinking of the $5 shake scene from Pulp Fiction.

    You probably needed some awards for stupidist things punters were doing, like people climbing trees to see the stages, 50 people climbing onto a make-shift metal structures that probably were never meant to take 300kg load, or the 30 people using the roof of one of the tents as a trampoline while people were inside the tent below.

    But not as many people dressed up in silly clothes this year. I did see a couple dressed as clowns who had been stuck in the line to enter the D for two hours.

    And a positive award for security who seemed to be giving out water to everyone and trying to look after the crowd.

    And a negative award for security who seems to not be able to help anyone being crushed by 500 pushing people who were lining to get into the D. As using some force to chase down anyone jumped the barrier into the D when Rage was playing.

    I think I am getting to old for the BDO.

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