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Musicals. You love ’em or loathe ’em. Me, I’m in the latter… only exceptions being the glorious kitsch of Can’t Stop The Music and Viva Las Vegas. So why then did I see Sweeney Todd? Burton, Depp, and good old fashioned throat cutting. Maybe Eastern Promises also got me in the mood.

So can someone like me dig it? Yeah, pretty much. Sure some of the songs grated a bit, but it was cool, even if it just felt like a musical version of Sleepy Hollow. It is hard to get tired of so much blood-letting and meat pies you know.

… muttler


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  1. I wanted so much to love Sweeney Todd. Burton, Depp, Bonham Carter, Rickman, beautifully presented, so much fun and ..ugh… singing. I TRIED to enjoy.. but just couldn’t. If it didn’t have singing I would be singing high praise.

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