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Multiple warheadsMultiple Warheads #1 (Oni Press), Brandon Graham.

While I wait for TFAW to send the copy of King City vol. 1 I ordered about 3 months ago, here’s a quick review of Multiple Warheads. First, the art is just amazing. I think my first contact with Brandon Graham was a preview of King City over on Tokyopop’s site, and I was instantly a fan. If you’ll excuse the cliche, it’s like a melting pot of manga and crazy futuristic, graffiti awesomeness. Everything is so meticulously designed, from characters to what they wear down to the least obvious background elements – there’s always something to look at, and always more to come back to.

The writing seems reminiscent of underground comics: lots of big themes, a world utterly disconnected from our own, but familiarity in how the characters live and interact. I don’t want to give away anything, so I’m saying nothing about the story here. Except that the wolf dream was a major highlight.

Not unexpectedly, I loved Multiple Warheads, and can’t wait for the next issue. Read a massive 18-page preview over at Oni Press. Just a sidebar here, how good is Oni? It seems like everything I’m vaguely interested in has a huge preview up on their site. The standard 4-page preview a la Dark Horse is good, 8 or so pages (SLG?) is compelling, but 18?! That’s basically money in the bank (ie. my money in their bank).

I’m interested in fellow Meathaus‘er James Stokoe’s similarly styled Wonton Soup, but it looks like every copy in the immediate universe has been sold. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Oh, and you could read the 39 (that’s right, 39!!) -page preview at Oni.


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