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There’s a whole lot to like about Juno… it’s funny, the soundtrack is cool (with Kimya Dawson) and the story is actually quite compelling. But. Yes, but. Why does it have to be so self-consciously hip?! Why do I need to hear expressions like “fo’ shizz” regularly come out of characters mouths? Why do I have to be told by a 16 year old how cool The Stooges are? Why does she have a Melvins poster in her room yet show ignorance about the band later on? Frustrating… but for all that I kinda dug it.

… muttler


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  1. Apparently “Sonic Youth is just noise”.

    And how can you compare Lewis (Gore) against Argento (Slasher/Suspense). That is like comparing Metal music with Classical music. They are two different genres.

    After I looked though the teen crap, and got over how Juno seemed so intellectually superior her friends the same age it was enjoyable.

    Reminded me very much of a better produced Daniel Clowes movie (mainly Ghost World).

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