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I don’t have the brevity of Jase, so my reviews will be a touch longer than just one word. So here goes (I will keep it brief for you though).

Atonement – Suprisingly fantastic. I know critics love it, but I never would have thought I would dig a period romance. I did though. One of the few movies I have seen in recent years where I had no idea where it was going. Very cool.

American GangsterMeh. Not awful but not great. Denzel plays Denzel playing a gangster. Rusty plays Rusty playing a cop. Wanted to be Goodfellas but not even close to the same league. Plus the score was relentless and gave no rest… you can slow down a little!

I Am Legend – Nope. Didn’t like this. The movie didn’t really know exactly what it wanted to be. Plus the creatures just looked silly. I Am Mediocre.

… muttler


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