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I am a fair gig poster nut, so from time to time I will post some info when favourite artists of mine release something new and awesome. This won’t just turn into a gig poster blog though because:

  1. I have too many other things I need to crap on about;
  2. Jason I am sure would have something to say about that; and
  3. There is already an awesome blog that does just that (

But because it is a big part of what I am into I will let you know about my favourite artists and what they are up to. Expect to hear lots about (amongst others) Leia Bell, Jay Ryan, Rob Jones, and Tara McPherson, who is today’s spotlight.

She had a quiet 2007 as far as gig posters go, but has started 2008 with a bang with a huge Mastodon poster in 2 variations. Both glow in the dark (woot) so I will be trying to get my hands on these for sure. Check out all her work on as it is all awesome and get your hands on what you still can (which is not much) as it all goes super-quick these days.

These go on sale after Jan 26, but don’t buy my copies.

… muttler


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