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Pretty sweet actually. If you were a Built To Spill fan then I think it would have been quite hard to be disappointed. The set went across all their albums pretty equally.

They started a bit 50/50 for mine though… just a bit too up and down. Liar from the latest album You In Reverse opened which wouldn’t have been my first choice for a starter, and Centre of the Universe (woo hoo) got an early run but I thought sounded pretty flat (boo hoo). But Goin’ Against Your Mind popped up about track 4 or 5 though and it was fantastic.

The second half of the set the band was on and it was magic. Highlights were Car (complete with crowd sing along), Conventional Wisdom, and my personal fave Carry The Zero. Monster jam on Randy Described Eternity finished it up and punters head home sweaty but happy. No smoking in venues is a godsend but boy do you smell hot weather now.

Next gig: Sufjan Stevens in a couple of weeks.

… muttler


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