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Just a quick one about I’m Not There, the new arthouse-pseudo-bio-pic (is that too many hyphens?) about Bob Dylan. Now, I don’t get the Dylan thing. He is a great songwriter, I don’t dispute that. But can anyone actually listen to the guy? People laugh at me when I say that just about every cover version ever done of a Dylan song is better than the original. They laugh until they realise I am serious. Kinda like my relationship with Shakespeare.

Anyway, so I saw the film. And you know what? I dug it. I think the fact it was a little more out there maybe endeared me to it than if I watched a Ray/Walk The Line version, although I think some of the Dylan subtleties were lost on me. I know enough about Dylan to “get” a lot of it… everyone knows the reactions to when he went electric… but the Heath Ledger version I was a bit unsure about. Maybe that is why Cate is getting all the kudos, as I think she plays Dylan from his most notorious period. She is good though, can’t dispute that. Does the fact she is one of 6 Dylan’s make her a “supporting” actor, or just an actor? Golden Globes say supporting so I guess we go with that.

So there you go. When I got to the end of the whole shebang I was actually pretty happy with it. Doesn’t mean a re-evaluation of 2007’s best movies, but alright nonetheless.

… muttler


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