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Jase and I were discussing the year in movies the other day and we were both stuck. Nothing came to mind. This was a bit sad, but considering I used to be seeing 1-2 movies a week and this year only went every few weeks, I knew a “best of” list would be a bit lean.

Ratatouille was the only one that came to mind with any conviction. I seem to be minority amongst my friends, but I think it is Pixar’s best yet. Yes I agree it is too slow for kids, but name me a more gorgeous film? I loved it.

Best film that should have been awful from the trailer but was actually hysterical was Superbad. Juvenile I know but I haven’t laughed like that in a while. Best Hollywood action movie that really was great was Bourne Ultimatum, but everyone seems to agree on that one.

Otherwise there were a few others that were OK. Three of my favourite directors had movies this year. I think David Lynch is an absolute genius and I would see anything with his name on it. So what of Inland Empire? It kept me utterly enthralled and tense for 3 hours. Was it any good? You know… I don’t know. The fact I didn’t budge for its whole duration is probably the best way to end. David Cronenberg also gave us Eastern Promises. This I am not so sure about. I dug it while I was watching it, but by the end I kinda just thought OK. It was good without being great. History of Violence struck a real chord, but this left me a little… I don’t know… underwhelmed maybe? Same with the new Wes Anderson The Darjeeling Limited. Looked great, was funny, but in the end it just came and went for me. I think both need another watch.

So here is me at the end of 2007 and am a little down with movies. And then comes No Country For Old Men. Oh. My. God.

Now I’m a bit of a Coen Brothers fan. I am one of the few that doesn’t think they have dropped the ball yet (well, OK… Ladykillers was unwatchable). If all you have been doing is waiting for the next Fargo, then you have missed the genius that is The Big Lebowski or Man Who Wasn’t There and are missing the point of the Coens. Now, with No Country coming, I have been reaching fever-pitch. The book is awesome… Initial reviews have been raving… Awards are being won. So I rushed out Boxing Day and saw it.


Yes, it is that good. It is as good as all the reviews, and yes it needs to win everything. There is not much more I can say about it that hasn’t been said before, but they did nail the tone of the book. It was word-perfect where it needed to be, and cut some things that could be without losing anything. It was just an amazingly tense, dirty, beautiful, movie. Two things though that need to be addressed:

Javier Bardem… should he win Best Supporting Actor? No way… he is just Best Actor full stop. None of this supporting business. Who the hell is he supporting in this movie? He owns it. It is his movie for sure.

The ending… is perfect. No spoilers here but please do see this movie in a cinema. The whole audience is stunned at the end. Half are in awe, half think the end of the movie has been cut off. Forget those jerks. If you loved the subtleties of the film then the end is perfect. If you just got off on the violence then of course you want more closure. It is faithful to the book and true to the preceeding 2 hours. The end just made me love it more.

So there you go. 6 days before years end comes the best movie of the year. Trust the Coen Brothers to come through.

… muttler

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